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JYC OPzS battery Successfully used in Solar Project in Casablanca, Morocco

The application of solar energy worldwide is increasing at a rapid rate. More and more businesses and organizations are going to start with solar energy. JYC Battery is honored to have served our client in Casablanca areas of the solar power systems. As the supplier and service provider responsible for the areas power supply in all public solar panels. JYC has delivered excellent electric power support and professional services with more than 20 years, of experience and the expertise to guide you towards the installations.

Product Highlight

JYC 2V2500AH OPzS battery series is adopted the tubular plates which gives an extremely high level of cycling expectancy. It offers maximum efficiency and reliability due to the use of optional electrolyte circulation. By adopting our advanced, revolutionary, and unique technologies, TTP welding and heat sealing technology, the model features acid-proof, explosion-proof, and low maintenance, the performance of OPzS battery keeps high conformity with the renewable power systems, such as solar power systems. Its ABS battery case made by LG raw material providing more than 20-year long designed floating life at 25( 77).

Typically, the replenishment of 2V2500AH OPzS battery is 3 years. JYC OPzS solar battery also shows excellent life cycles after deep discharge, at 25( 77), the battery can reach 8000 cycle times at 20% DOD, and 2000 cycle times at 80% DOD. The powerful performance comes from the high purity lead-tin alloy that we use in it, it can increase battery service life and enable the battery to reduce its discharge rate. JYC OPzS battery is also recommended for UPS & EPS systems, telecommunication, wind power system, oil & gas, etc.

Brief look at JYC Factorys Production

Our factory strictly controls battery production. Spacious and bright working environments and professional staffs, to ensure that the assembly does not go wrong. The products are arranged neatly so that we check each product carefully whether there are internal parts wrong or missing problems, to make sure our customers receive the high-quality OPzS batteries.

Mass Production

Excellent Protective Packaging | JYC OPzS Batteries

Project Highlight

JYC OPzS Batteries in Solar System

JYC: Your technical and Professional Battery Supplier for Solar Power Solutions

In this case, connection with our long service life OPzS battery, which itself utilizes excellent performance in maintenance-free with lower labor costs. After few months, the battery can still show good in the Casablanca case. Choosing the right OPzS battery for your solar power system is essential for optimizing project life and performance, JYC OPzS battery series minimizes maintenance costs and increases the maintenance period.

Certifications for Morocco Client

Our factory may request the guest's specific products for the guests with a favorable price! If you have any questions concerning our scope, which is mass production of customized products or services, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to meet your needs!

Our OPzS battery stores energy from the solar PV system. The panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, the power will be used in your application through the inverter. Meanwhile, you need a solar charge control system to manage them. A battery bank is an extra but important part of the solar system, it can store energy produced from the solar panels for later use, such as a lighting system at night. When the solar panels do not generate enough power, they can extract the power from the battery.

There are three key points you need to know when choosing a solar battery:

1. Service life and warranty

A solar battery usually lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Good solar power support will service your solar power system for 20 to 30 years. JYC OPzS battery series has a long designed floating life which can be up to 20 years at 25( 77).

2. Depth of discharge ( DOD)

The depth of discharge ( DOD) is the percentage of battery capacity that has been discharged expressed as a percentage of maximum capacity. JYC OPzS solar battery also shows excellent life cycles after deep discharge, at 25( 77), the battery can reach 8000 cycle times at 20% DOD, and 2000 cycle times at 80% DOD.

3. Battery power capacity

Battery power capacity means the overall amount of electricity that the battery can keep. In general, batteries for solar systems are stacked, you can choose to have multiple batteries in series to increase capacity.

Get more product details of JYC OPzS battery series on our page: https://www.jycbattery.com/opzs-battery_c12

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