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352 PCS JYC batteries successfully used in project from Guangdong Radio and Television Station

JYC has the honor to provide 352 PCS JYC batteries for GRTGuangdong Radio and Television Station. The application of battery is extensive and the demand is increasing. JYC, as a battery manufacturer in China with many years of experience and expertise in new battery technology, is committed to providing high power battery service for many customers. As a supplier and service provider, we have received the strong trust and support of GRT, and choose to cooperate with us, for which we are very grateful.

Project Highlight & Excellent Protective Packaging

JYC battery,12V200AH battery,new battery technology,battery manufacturers

Product Highlight

JYC battery,12V200AH battery,new battery technology,battery manufacturers

JYC battery is adopted high quality lead calcium multi alloy plate with high rate discharge capacity. By adopting our new battery technology, such as mechanical through-wall welding , heat sealing and AGM technology, the model features high charge and discharge, high sealing characteristics. Pure copper downturn terminal, make installation more flexible and convenient maintenance. It provides a design floating life of over 12 years at 25℃. JYC battery widely used in general applications such as UPS, alarm systems, power tools, etc. Meet with UL, CE, TLC, IEC, RoHS approved and telecom equipment seismic 8, 9 certification.

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